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Licensed Drivers of WeDriveCars

When there’s a deadline regularly, or if you must drive yourself from meeting to meeting, at some point you realize this is inefficient.
It’s inevitable you’ll bump into traffic jams, which means every time you are driving, you are not being productive. And this is a waste of time and money.

WeDriveCars offers you a great alternative! When you contract one of our licensed/personal drivers, you convert your travel time to work/relax time. Our experienced and well-trained drivers will drive you safely to your designated location, while you can work at the back seat or just relax and prepare for the next important meeting.


  • Before our drivers are allowed to drive your vehicle, we have strict procedures and regulations they must keep up to
  • All our licensed/personal drivers have been through a strict background check and possess a certificate of conduct by which the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security declares that the applicant did not commit any criminal offences that are relevant to the performance of his or her duties.
  • Our drivers go through an internal training.
  • Our drivers are always presentable in formal attire.

The Benefits

We took the liberty to give you the benefits of our licensed/personal driver services we provide:

  • Efficient. No parking problems, our driver will bring you to your designated destination. After finishing your appointment/meeting, our driver will pick you up at the same location.
  • Safe! Our drivers are well trained and will keep strictly to traffic regulations.
  • Integrity. Our drivers have signed a confidentiality declaration, which reassures our clients that information of any sensitivity will be disclosed.
  • Good price for a good service. Contracting one of our drivers comes worth the prize, rather than taking a taxi or a formal driver.
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