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Driver services of WeDriveCars

Time flies! Do you have an extended business lunch, a very joyful diner with friends or family or perhaps the party got into full flow and you had one too many?
 Does this all sounds familiar to you?
2 Quick options that’ll pop into your mind; Calling a taxi or even considering driving your car, even though you innocently had some alcohol!
Not practical at all, and it’s dangerous (also for the people who accompany you).
Calling a taxi comes with unnecessary costs and unpractical situations, because you had to leave your own vehicle behind, and must pick it up the next day.
Driving with alcohol behind the wheels is life threatening to yourself and others, not to mention it’s illegal by law.


Driving under the influence of alcohol is a threat to road safety. In 2015, the estimated number of road deaths in the Netherlands due to alcohol was between 75 and 140. The legal limit for novice drivers in the Netherlands is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.2 g/l and a BAC of 0.5 g/l for all other drivers. Young males and heavy drinkers form the most important risk groups for drink-driving. For years, only the group of relatively light drinkers declined among all drivers under the influence of alcohol in the Netherlands. In 2011 and 2013, the group of serious offenders also seemed to decline. This would have been a positive road safety development as serious alcohol offenders are involved in about two-thirds of all serious alcohol-related crashes. In 2015, however, the proportion of serious alcohol offenders showed a slight increase.

Measures like increased enforcement among heavy drinkers and an alcohol interlock program can benefit road safety. In addition, visible police controls of all drivers continue to be necessary to maintain the general preventive effect of alcohol controls.

Background and content

According to Article 8 of the Dutch Road Traffic Act it is an offence for a person to drive or to be in charge of a motor vehicle, when he is under such influence of a substance of which he knows or reasonably should know that its use – either in combination with or not in combination with the use of another substance – could diminish driving skills, and that he must therefore be considered unfit to drive. These substances include alcohol, drugs and psychoactive medicines (see also SWOV Fact sheet the use of drugs and medicines behind the wheel).

This fact sheet discusses the use and the consequences of alcohol in traffic and possible measures to reduce this. In the Netherlands, the legal alcohol limit for novice drivers (drivers who have not yet possessed their license for five years) is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.2 g/l and a BAC of 0.5 g/l for other drivers.

The Dutch police takes 1 million breath tests annually during alcohol checks.

Alcohol will reach your mind within 10 minutes, which decreases your driving capability.


WeDriveCars can offer you a great alternative. We provide you a well-trained driver who’ll drive you home safely in your own vehicle. You can take place on the passenger seat and our driver will bring you to the designated location.

How does it work?

  1. You can make a reservation for a driver by calling us or through our website.
  2. Your WeDriveCars driver will arrive with a co-driver at your location at the reserved time.
  3. Your WeDriveCars driver will drive you home in your own vehicle to its designated location. A second driver will drive behind you and follow to its designated location.
  4. Your WeDriveCars driver will park your car safely at its destination.
  5. Your driver will take care of the payment with card, cash or Tikkie.
  6. Your WeDriveCars driver will wish you a good day, evening or night and will take place in our own vehicle.

Benefits of our service

  • Because we have following vehicles, our drivers are not dependent of public transportation, which allows us to be on time.
  • Your driver is flexible regardless of the time. The preferable destination(s) won’t be any
    problem as well.
  • Our drivers are available 7 days a week.
  • By using our calculator tool, it allows you to have a direct insight of your costs and you can make a straight online reservation.